Educator of the Year

April 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Some people you meet throughout your life will always be remembered. Teachers are one of those people. They affect children’s lives in so many ways, either good or bad. When we grow old, we always have that one teacher we will always remember. In middle school I had a teacher I will always remember. Her name was Mrs. Persinger and she was my English teach for 3 years in middle school. She teaches at Saint Matthew School.

Mrs. Persinger was one of my biggest inspirations in middle school. She would always help me in and outside of school. In school she would always help me with my problems and help me with grammar. Whenever I needed her assistance I could just raise my hand and she would come to me. She also helped me with kids inside my school. I didn’t get along with everyone and she was always there to tell me to be myself and that was all that mattered. I trusted her enough to tell her things and she would help me right through. Even though she was no guidance counselor, I felt like she was one to me. She helped me through everything and I will never forget that. She also helped me outside of school. When I had to write essays I went over her house for her to help me proof read. And she would also invite me over to talk. She was the only teacher I interacted with outside of school. I will never forget what she has done for me.

Mrs. Persinger also has good qualities about her and it showed through her personality. She was and still is a very intelligent lady. She is always compassionate and caring about whatever situation comes to her. I know she would do anything to help me out. She was also very spiritual and stuck to her religion. Mrs. Persinger also told the best stories. I looked forward to class with her to hear about her night or morning. Good qualities show in people and hers stood out.

Mrs. Persinger is the best teacher I have had so far through my education. She always helped me with my grades and believed I could accomplish anything. If I had a low grade, she would help me higher it. She also helped me set goals for myself and help me accomplish them too. Also, she helped my self-esteem. Kids can be cruel and she helped me be myself even if I got made fun of for it. Mrs. Persinger bought me a journal to write down all my feelings in. I wrote in it every day until the pages were filled up. I still have the journal today. She also got me into literature. I would read Shakespeare and Charles Dickens and other older poets. I fell in love with every novel I read.

People come and go through our lives and Mrs. Persinger was one of them. Even though I don’t see he anymore I think she is a great teacher and a great person overall. I know I can still call her if I need her and she will be there for me. Mrs. Persinger is a person I will never forget and she will always be in my heart.

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