Educator of the Year

April 28, 2011
I can’t stand when teachers treat their students like first graders and when they teach everything right out of the book, that’s why I like Gunny Lemke. I am nominating Gunnery Sergeant Lemke for Educator of the Year because he is a unique teacher that has made a great impression on me, and I recognized that he is the best.

I am not just nominating Gunny for no reason; I feel he is worthy of Educator of the Year because he is the most interesting teacher I have had in years. Gunny teaches with enthusiasm because he loves his job, and he possesses the rare skill of incorporating stories with lessons. He is my favorite teacher because he incorporates his personal experiences into the lessons he is teaching, and he teaches us life lessons. Gunny goes beyond what is required by teaching us things we need to know for our lives in the future, not just for tests or exams.

I believe Gunny should win the Educator of the Year award because he teaches us about the real world and how to cope with it, as well as encourages learning. He has told us numerous stories about how he tried things that he knew nothing about, and ended up learning something new that helped him get jobs and progress later in life.

Apart from the military aspect Gunny applies to his lessons, he teaches more than we need to know, and he does it in a positive and informative way. Gunnery Sergeant Lemke is my depiction of the best teacher because of his variety of lessons that can adapt to be applied to everyday life. VOTE FOR GUNNY!

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