Educator of the Year Nomination

April 28, 2011
Before attending the Delaware Military Academy, I spent nine years at St Matthews School. Going through the St Matthew education system, there were many good teachers that rank high on my list of favorite teachers. The teacher that stands out among all of the teachers I have or have ever had is Mr. Limmina, my 6th grade math teacher and my 8th grade social studies teacher. Mr. Limmina is the teacher that I nominate for Educator of the Year.

It is very unusual to have a teacher with no good qualities, but in the same sense, it is unusual to find a teacher that is just awesome. Mr. Limmina is that awesome teacher. There are not many topics that a student can bring up that he will not know at least a little information. Mr. Limmina made everyday an exciting day because of how fun and joking of a person he was. In the three years that I have been at the same school as Mr. Limmina, I have never seen him in a bad mood. Not a Monday, a rainy day, or a disruptive student could stop Mr. Limmina from being in a fun teaching mood.

The final year I had Mr. Limmina was my 8th grade year. That year is the year that I enjoyed going to social studies every single. In the past I have not been a huge fan of the class, but it was hard to have a boring day with Mr. Limmina. He did not care what the students thought, and because of this he could be a joking teacher that everyone extremely enjoyed. Social studies is not a class that many people really enjoy, but I can guarantee that most of the students at St. Matthews have found that it can be a very fun subject.

Not only does Mr. Limmina care about his students in class, he cares about his students after school activities. He attended several of the St. Matthew varsity baseball games and a few of the basketball team’s games. He could educate his students in the subject of social studies and math, but also how to hit a curve ball or how to break through a defense and make a lay-up. Not many teachers care enough about their students to take time out of their busy day of making lesson plans and grading papers to go out and spend two hours watching a sporting event. I have only had one teacher with these qualities and I can only pray to come across another teacher close to Mr. Limmina.

All of these qualities play into me nominating Mr. Limmina as Educator of the Year. He cares about his students more than any other teacher. Almost all teachers are very knowledgeable in the subjects they teach, but not many are as educated in all other subjects as Mr. Limmina. He could give a student a science lesson after school, and if necessary teach them how to multiply fractions. I have not had another teacher as special as Mr. Limmina, and I would be extremely lucky to ever have one like him again. It is my pleasure to nominate him for the 2011 Educator of the Year; he absolutely deserves it.

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