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April 27, 2011
By Sftballlover13 BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
Sftballlover13 BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
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Mrs. Quill has been at St.E’s for literally her whole life. She has been all over the school serving as all types of positions. She was always there if anything ever went wrong or if you ever needed anything.

She devoted a lot of her time to her school and was always they’re helping with everything she could. She was someone that everyone deep down could look up too.

When miss Quill first started off at St.E’s she wasn’t vice principal, and she just worked as a teacher. She is probably one of the best teacher I have ever had because she was so used to teaching, and she knew what she was talking about. After being a teacher for quite awhile she was asked to be the Vice Principal, and knowing her always volunteering self she took the job without any hesitant. She was a very good Vice Principal, always solving problems between students and helping any social problems. She didn’t let any students tell her what to do, and without her I don’t think that St.E’s would be able to function.

Miss Quill was probably the best social studies teacher ever. She was always on top of things and always knew what she was talking about. She had us read a lot on World War II and we learned a lot about the Amendments and Government, and without her I probably would’ve failed at least 3 government tests this year.

I think overall she is very good at her teaching and knows ways to get kids to remember what they learned quickly and remember it for a long time.I think that everyone she taught actually learned something and went home everyday with something new they learned. I think that they also liked her as a teacher, even though she made us write a lot of note cards, it paid off.
Miss Quill is one of the nicest people you will meet and she will always respect and trust you, until she losses your trust. I think that she is a very good person and teacher. She will be around as long as she can at St.E’s because she is such a good teacher, and will help the school tremendously. I think when she retires she will be missed.

Overall I think that she deserves to be the educator of the year because she is such a teacher, and a great person. She is very well educated in what she teaches and deserves to be rewarded on that. I think she can be a tough teacher but it pays off in the long run. I think that she is very qualified for this position and deserves it probably more than anybody else. She devotes her time and effort for her students, and she deserves to be educator of the year.

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