My Favorite Teacher

April 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Mrs. Dick is a great help to me and too many other DMA students as well. She definitely deserves to win the Educator of the Year Award. She assigns loads of home work that is sometimes overwhelming, but once I do it all, I realize that she had a good reason to assign it. Her homework helps me learn the topics. I find that her methods really help me learn.

Mrs. Dick packs a lot of teaching into a short school year. She teaches me about things that seem very complex at the beginning, but in the end they turn out to be simple. Mrs. Dick makes us read several works of literature like The Odyssey and To Kill a Mocking Bird which I would never read on my own. I read the books for home work. They were confusing and hard to understand, but after she reviews the meaning of some things in class they make a lot more sense to me.

I also think the way that Mrs. Dick teaches is quite unique. She teaches after telling us to do the home work or the assignment first which I don’t think any other teacher does, but they should because it helps a lot. The lesson has much more meaning to me when I have a chance to think about it before Mrs. Dick presents the lesson. Mrs. Dick also gives little quizzes before and after some things that we are learning so that we can see if we are improving or not.

There are really too many things to count when it comes to the things that she teaches me, but here are a few. She improved my grammar skills from epically failing to passing in just a few weeks. She has taught me hundreds of vocab words, and makes me write the words on index cards so I can study them easily. Lastly, she may not know this but she changed the way I view books when I read them.

I feel like I am learning a lot from Mrs. Dick this year. Since I have only known Mrs. Dick for a year it is surprising that she has been able to get so far up on my teacher ranking scale. This is a result of her amazing teaching skills. I can tell that she has given a large majority of her time to teaching kids, and to getting them to where they should be by the time they are in the tenth grade. Because she is such a devoted teacher who is good at her job I would like to nominate her for the educator of the year award.

The author's comments:
Mrs. Dick inspired me to write this piece

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