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April 28, 2011
By Mackenzie Gibson BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Mackenzie Gibson BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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My choice for Educator of the Year is Sister Alexander Siegel. I first met “Sister” (that is what I call her) at Field Day for St. Hedwig’s in 2006. At first I was skeptical about meeting her; I saw her around my school a lot but I did not have her until I started middle school. When I met her, I was completely wrong; she was extremely kind.

Sister taught religion and social studies. She taught me religion for three years, and social studies for my 6th grade school year. Sister always started her lesson with “Praise be Jesus Christ.” We would respond with “Now and forever, Amen.” Sister never forgot to say this because it told us that it was time to begin class. I thought Sister knew absolutely everything; if I had a question, she would answer it to the fullest; no ifs ands or buts.
Sister Alexander Siegel was a teacher for twenty seven years. She is a sister at Our Lady of Grace Home for Children. She was appointed Administrator in November of 2007. She had to leave St. Matthew’s to fulfill her “first job”, as she called it. Never once did I hear or see her thinking or doing anything for herself; she was always looking out for the best interest of others. Sister was also on the athletic side at recess. If the ball were to land near her, she would chuck it with no problem from 40 years away.

After my 6th grade year, St. Hedwig’s was shut down. The school joined with the St. Matthew’s school. Sister and I, along with many others from St. Hedwig’s came over to St. Matthew’s. It was a very easy transition seeing as I already had her as a teacher. Even though she loved all kinds equally, I felt that she looked out a little more for those of us who came over from St. Hedwig’s.

In November of 2007, Sister Alexander Siegel had to leave St. Matthew’s. The former Administrator had passed away and Sister was second in charge. It was a sad ending to the wonderful journey with Sister. I am honored to have had the privilege of being her student. She is and will always be my pick for Educator of the Year.

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