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April 27, 2011
By .Anonymous. BRONZE, Delaware
.Anonymous. BRONZE, Delaware
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Out of all the things Jersey produces Mr. John T. Okneski is probably the best. Dedicated, exciting, and political are only minor adjectives that describe him. After a long day filled with marching, business, and math I have Mr. O, and I tell you what, his room is a 5th block sanctuary from the bores of school. Kids from other classes flock to his room for that reason.

Another reason I think kids go to his room is to experience him and his class. He is dedicated to providing us with correct information about the government. Government is the topic of each and every class. Also, in every class we start with a short world news update where the current world is continually tied in with the topic. Which is the constitution and how “The constitution is alive.” I will never forget that along with Mr. O’s dedication to teaching us the importance of interpretation.

“You won’t like it if it doesn’t have blood, sex, or body waste,” a signature quote in his class shows his understanding towards the average teenage male. Which I believe is a great gift because he can keep the majority of the class’ attention. He also makes lectures interesting not only for guys though but for all by giving them an exciting twist.

One exciting twist about him is in the middle of a dominantly republican school he is a true democrat. If you said he was political that would be an understatement. If it is politics, he knows about it. It is as simple as that; he knows more than the average person knows about current politics.

As a 9th grader and a kid in a new school I feel it is important to have someone you can always trust, and if I ever had any question about anything, I’d feel very comfortable talking to him. He deserves the title of Educator of the Year because kids going through that class learn things that most grownups don’t know and that is key to success in this generation.

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