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April 27, 2011
By SarahEB BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
SarahEB BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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“Last week I heard of cheating going on at the DMA”. It’s really amazing how this phrase, the start of the great “Lion in the Underbrush” lecture can put the biggest smile on my face. I can be in the worst mood, and I hear these few words and I just chuckle. Mr O’Kneski, better known as Mr. O, can teach anyone anything. Better yet, he can put anyone in a better mood just by being himself, and this is what makes him such a great teacher!

Mr. O is famous for his speeches, several which I have come to know and love. I can basically recite them word for word, along with the rest of the school! You might be wondering what these lectures have to do with being a good teacher and learning, but it does; believe me! Mr. O’s joking ways are why everyone loves him and really respects him. He puts humor into everything we learn, and it helps!

Mr. O has a habit of these lectures, and sayings even kids he has taught back in the day have heard them! Every morning, he walks in the class. “ATTENTION ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN DECK”! You can hear it from a mile away. Sitting in Spanish on the other end of the school, you can still hear it! Next comes “Alright children here’s what’s up! Thing number one, we will be taking roll!” Several things succeed after thing number one, the day's lesson plan! On quiz or test days he will give us the famous “Lion in the Underbrush” lecture. It's a rather lengthy lecture, but it is about how in his class, you’ll have a hard time cheating! The lecture is hilarious, but no person, unless you have had Mr. O as a teacher will truly understand the humor in his lectures! Every class, every year, every school he teaches at, ever since the beginning, he has given these lectures!

I’m not the only one that loves Mr. O’s humor and the way he applies it to his teaching. You can ask anyone that has ever had Mr. O as a teacher, and they will all tell you the same story, every time. I was on Facebook, and I came across a “Mr O Fan Page”. I think that alone tells you how much everyone loves Mr. O! I can’t think of another teacher that has their own fan page! As if having a fan page wasn’t enough, over 600 people joined the page! I read up on the comments, and they were all from former and current students of his, recollecting old memories. They were all the same. The majority of the comments praise Mr. O on his great jokes, saying how much people miss him and how great of a guy he is.

Mr. O is a really great teacher. I believe he deserves to win Educator of the Year because he has changed so many peoples’ lives! He makes my day every time I attend his class; I can only imagine what he has done for truly unhappy people! I have learned more this year in his class than I have in my whole life! He has a great teaching strategy and can always help me when I don’t understand something and need clarifying. Mr. O is by far the best teacher I have ever had. We learn so much but have fun doing it! I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to be taught by such a great teacher. He deserves to win Educator of the Year because he is the best, hands down!

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