Mr. Grant, Delaware Military Academy

April 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Mr. John Grant of the Delaware Military Academy is a great music teacher. Mr. Grant makes everything fun during class. He makes it cool to be in the band. Mr. Grant is more than just a band teacher; he does a lot for the school including chorus and music appreciation. He helps us raise money for the music program so that it can grow.

Mr. Grant is hilarious, and he has a great personality. He tells jokes during class and is good at mimicking people. He is a great trumpet, piano and guitar player. Mr. Grant plays instruments with a lot of energy. He loves to have fun during class, on the bus to football games, and at band camp. Most importantly he loves his job at DMA, and he loves the school.

During class Mr. Grant is interactive with each person. He explains each part of the song to each instrument group. He helps each individual student with his or her part when needed. When there are tricky parts in a song, he helps us learn them. He also takes the extra time to tune each of us before class starts so that we sound as good as possible.

Mr. Grant is interactive with the band. During class he plays the songs with us. He plays the trumpet when he’s part of the band. At the football games he sometimes plays the drums. Mr. Grant wants us to work hard, but he also wants us to have fun. We sweat it out at band camp in the summer, but we have fun during our free time at camp. He finds competitions and parades that the band can participate in, which is pretty cool.

In conclusion, Mr. Grant is a great teacher. He has an awesome personality. He interacts with the whole class. He’s more than just the band teacher, because he does a lot more for the school than just run the music program. For all of these reasons, I am nominating him for Educator of the Year.

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mubuddy7 said...
on May. 25 2011 at 9:36 am
I happen to know Mr. Grant very well....I'm his mother!!!  Thanks to whomever wrote this nomination letter.  John has a true passion for music and teaching.  He has always said that music balances out our lives and teaches us disipline for all life matters especially learning in school and listening to others.  John has sang and played instruments since he was 3 years old.  Of course, I am very proud of the man he has become and very happy for him to be working in the job he always be a teacvher of music and song.  Thanks for nominating him, Karen

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