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April 26, 2011
By jrob738 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
jrob738 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Mr. Newcott is, my favorite teacher, a great teacher, and loved by many students. Mr. Newcott was my 8th grade English teacher, a teacher who teaches my least favorite subject, yet he is my favorite teacher of all-time. From the time I walked in the class room I knew this wouldn’t be like any of my former English classes that bored me to sleep. This was different every time I walked into the classroom; I felt a lively presence that never bored me.

Dan Newcott showed me that not all English literature was boring; we read The Good Earth, Animal Farm, and 12th Night. The Good Earth was tough to read and very long, but he slowed it down a little bit and explained every confusing detail in a way that everyone in the class could comprehend. He always made it a fun read; he would make jokes that would make me laugh so hard I would cry. Animal Farm was one of my favorite books of all-time; he explained how the Russian Revolution was the real meaning behind the entire book, and for that reason it was just interesting to me how much of an impact that made on the way I read the book. And Twelfth Night not my favorite play, but with the help of Mr. Newcott I was able to comprehend the Shakespearean English. His personality and teaching style was really what got me through that English Class.

The class involvement was amazing; we as a class were able to have hour long discussions about what was happening in the play, and we were able to explain the plot, setting, and characters. His concept of letting us work together and involving everyone into a game/studying was amazing. I learned so much when we played review games as a class; I would score higher on test when we reviewed everything as a class, unlike the year before where we worked on everything alone. His teaching style is one that just fits to my learning style and, maybe that’s why I enjoyed his class so much, but wasn’t just me; the entire class was able to learn from him and, really like his class. In addition when I did need solo time to try to comprehend something, then he always had time for me.

Having fun during his class wasn’t as important as learning, but in doing so he was able to keep me and the class interested in what we were learning about. But when it came to the last week of school, he and I brought our guitars into school. I had so much fun playing guitar with him, that is one thing that will I will always remember. I don’t think I will ever have another teacher like him. I also will always remember we had a class discussion about how embarrassing parents could be wearing fanny packs, high tube socks, and ripped jean shorts. But in the end I will always remember his class as the one English class that I really enjoyed.

I hope that he continues to teach like that because it really helped me learn that an English class can be just as interesting as any other class out there. He made a really big impact on the way I want teachers to teach, and I figured out how I learn best. I think the way he taught, the way he communicated, and the way he engaged the class was unlike any teacher I have ever had before. In conclusion, I hope that I will someday have another teacher like Mr. Newcott, but I just don’t think that there is anyone else out there that teaches the way he does. I will keep wishing, and in the meantime I will nominate my favorite English teacher of all time, Mr. Newcott for the Educator of the year award; he definitely deserves it.

The author's comments:
This piece is about a teacher who really helped me understand literature. I really enjoyed writing this I hope you enjoy reading it.

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