EOY nomination 2011: Mr.Buzzy Cooke

April 25, 2011
By dilbert BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
dilbert BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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EOYThe best educator I have ever had was my K-8 principal, Buzzy Cooke. He had a lot of respect and feelings for the students, the teachers, and the school. He absolutely loved his job, and it showed everyday with his kindness and smile. He made all the students feel like one of his own.

He was a guy everybody looked up to. He spoke to us at eye level and had patience and tolerance for anything except unkindness. Mr. Cooke was a leader to all of the teachers and staff, and he took pride in his work. He was approachable and always had time for students. His door was always open for any questions or concerns you may had. His great personality was something that I admired the most.

Second, Mr. Cooke was so funny; he made all the students laugh. He would tell jokes to the students all the time, and he would do all kinds of wacky things for the students. One particular event that he would always participate in was our yearly lip sync. Every year he would wear costumes and sing and dance. I always looked forward to that day to see what Mr. Cooke was going to sing. He always encouraged us to participate and just have a good time.

Finally, he was a good leader. He would create all kinds of school dances and activities, and he would schedule inspirational meetings for teachers and staff. He also was a good leader because he would pretty much do anything to help you succeed. Mr. Cooke would do everything he could to make sure we had the best teachers, books, grades and he would help us in any way possible.

In conclusion, Mr. Cooke had a lot of respect and feelings for both the students and the school. Also, he had a lot of respect for the teachers, staff, and the parents that helped out the school. Mr. Buzzy Cooke retired at the end of my eighth grade, which was a very sad day for Brandywine Springs. He is truly going to be missed everyday. I think he’s the perfect person to nominate for Teen Ink’s Educator of the Year contest; he is the best of the best.

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