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April 21, 2011
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Would you like to have a math class where you actually have a clue what’s going on? Where there is a teacher who is compassionate enough to care about his/her pupils? You don’t see that kind of caring these days. With a lot of shools it’s all about getting the grades in the grade book, not considering whether or not the student fails. Although, if you had a math teacher like Mr. Wiznewski, you would understand how driven and determined a teacher can be to make math an understandable subject.

Mr. Wiz, (as he liked to be called) was my 8th grade math teacher, but my familiarity with him began in 6th grade when I realized I needed to have a tutor for math. I would moan and groan about how I didn’t want to stay after school for extra help but in the end all those extra hours spent with Mr. Wiz after school improved my math grades. I realized that tutoring is not a punishment but a foundation that would continue to grow year after year. One day in my math class we were learning systems of equations. Mr. Wiz had extensive steps that fully explained the topic we were learning. But most students, including me, had difficulty grasping the topic. In order for the class as a whole to understand the matter, he developed new methods of teaching that helped the whole class. He didn’t stop teaching when the lesson plan was over. He stopped when the entire class understood systems of equations. He went above and beyond to make sure everyone understood the topic. Your average teacher wouldn’t do that and this helped me form a great respect toward him.

Mr. Wiz’s unique teaching style in his tutoring classes would help me focus on one step of the problem, taking that particular subject slowly so I could break down the topic day by day. Eventually, once I could do this, his tutoring classes became more enjoyable because I began to see positive results on my quizzes and tests. Since Mr. Wiz cared so much about his role as a teacher, it encouraged me to work with him rather than go against his teaching methods. What Mr. Wiz was instilling in me was determination that could and would make me succeed in life. His sacrifices of time and energy truly mattered.

What I really admired about Mr. Wiz’s teaching style is unlike many other teachers he wouldn’t overload my class with homework. Since Mr. Wiz has children of his own he understood that after school, students had homework and sports commitments they had to attend to. This allowed students to still be able to his homework thoroughly, and not rush the assignment. He wanted his students to fully know and apply the material on tests and quizzes and this method of not assigning much homework allowed us to do just that. Mr. Wiz is a committed family man and is an inspiration to me.

Mr. Wiz is not only my favorite math teacher but also the best teacher ever. The influence Mr. Wiz had on me has molded me into the successful math student that I always wanted to be. Out of all my teachers he rises triumphant as the one who works the hardest at his job, and he deserves to be recognized for that. He has helped opened my eyes to what obstacles I will have to overcome in math. For all you have done for me Mr. Wiz, I thank you so very much. Congratulations for being nominated Teen Ink’s Educator of the Year. You’re the best!

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kafkadouglas said...
May 11, 2011 at 8:25 am

Great article,  It is always nice to know that a teacher's efforts are recognized and appreciated. A win win for both the student and teacher.



schoolmom said...
May 6, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Very wonderful article, kids today

need to understand and pay attention, also teachers need to know where their pupils needs are.

We  are     very proud of our grandson and know he will do good in the future.  Way to go Aidan.

Grandma and Grandpa Smith

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