Educator of the Year

April 7, 2011
My educator of the year would have to be my agriculture teacher Mr. David McClure. Even though the class is not a core class or even one that is needed for my degree I believe I have learned more in the two class periods that I have in his class than any of my core classes, and I have him to thank for it. I do enjoy my classes like English and Government, but while I am sitting in class jotting notes and listening to lectures I always feel as if something is missing. In my agriculture classes Mr. McClure helps me and other students with hands on activities like welding, wood work, studying wildlife and aquaculture and in these ways I feel I can express myself in a way that I cannot do with writing or speaking. With every new lesson we have Mr. McClure always comes up with some kind of interesting way to learn it that will definitely stick in your mind, whether it be a song about how to work a cutting torch he sings with his guitar or a corny little rap about welding a perfect bead, we are definitely going to be able to remember it when it comes down to us having to do it in a real life situation. I believe if I had a different teacher for these classes who maybe taught a different way or did not let us do all the things we can now, I would most likely have gotten out of the class as soon as possible and not learned any of the valuable skills that I believe I have mastered now because of this amazing educator.

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