The Best Teacher Ever

February 27, 2011
Ms. Ingram, a teacher that has changed my life, is a math teacher that works at the Byrnes Freshman Academy. Most of the time when someone likes a teacher it is because they are relaxed, they never give you homework, and they let you do whatever you want to do. Ms. Ingram is the exact opposite. She has many rules, gives the class homework, and we learned something everyday. However, she is the most amazing teacher I have ever had.

On the first day of school, when I walked into her class, I thought she was scary. She came on over bearing. The whole class didn’t say a word on the first day for fear of what might happen. In the days that followed, everyone began to lighten up and grow on each other. By the second week of school, everyone that had Ms. Ingram’s class loved her and looked forward to going to her class everyday.

Almost everyday, Ms. Ingram would take a few minutes to tell us a funny story about her life. We always looked forward to these and begged her to tell us more. She seemed to bring us all closer together, as a class. At the beginning of the year, when she told us crazy stories about all of the things her class did for her, I thought that those classes were ridiculous. However, now I find myself feeling the same way that those classes felt.

Ms. Ingram did more than bring us closer together as a class, she inspired us to do well in all of our classes, not just in her class. Every morning she got up extra early so she could come in and hold a tutoring session for all of her students who needed help with something math related. She actually cared about our grades.

Everyday, she would go over what we learned the day before, then she would go over homework, and then she would tell us what we would be learning that day. This would really help a lot of students make a significant improvement with their grade. Also it helped them truly understand the material she taught.

At the beginning of the year, I was nervous and thought it was going to be a long, hard semester of math. However, I was wrong, I had the best math teacher ever. I no longer have Ms. Ingram, and i wish i could go back to her class. When I pass her in the hall, I make sure to say hello. I really appreciate all of the effort and work that she puts into teaching. Thank you Ms. Ingram, for everything you taught me.

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