The Math Teacher

February 24, 2011
By schoolgal BRONZE, Killeen, Texas
schoolgal BRONZE, Killeen, Texas
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Math was always hard for me. All the teachers I had in my past years were either confusing of I didn't like them, but that changed on August 23, 2010. I thought Mrs.Riles was going to be one of those teachers that were boring, but she’s not. On the first day of school all of the new students in her ACC Math sat down, a lady came in with bouncy, blond hair came in and started writing on the board. “Take out a sheet of notebook paper and write the answers on the paper” she said. We took out sheets of notebook paper and started to write quietly. After we were done with the questions the lady said; “You may be wondering who I am. My name is Mrs.Riles and one of the main rules I have is that I don’t play” she announced. Mrs.Riles bouncy hair and attitude made her seem so serious. “Y'all are in ACC math for different reasons. Maybe you didn’t pass the math TAKS test or maybe you grades last year weren't above 70. That’s why Y’all are in here. I’m here to help you understand math a little bit better, but for me to do that y’all are going to have to listen and try your hardest” she said in a voice both serious and nice. Mrs.Riles had my attention while she was telling us all the rules for her class. Before the first day of school I've heard rumors about how she was mean, nasty, and a cold-hearted woman, but while I was listening to her she didn't seem that way. To me she was a nice woman, that seemed all she wanted to do was teach. While she was talking the bell rang. “Goodbye class”. When she said that I realized I was going to be with Mrs.Riles until the last day of school. Mrs.Riles helps us with our homework, work, teaches us in fun ways, and tutors us. To me Mrs.Riles has helped me believe in my self more and to never give up.She’s different from my other teachers I’ve had in past years because I can understand what she’s trying to do.That's while I want to honor this spectacular woman as Educator of the Month.

The author's comments:
I feel she deserves this award because she's like a superhero. She may not have powers, but she still is a superhero.

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