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February 22, 2011
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I am an exchange student from Brazil and here at Arrowhead, the hardest class for me is math. But my teacher Mr. Christopher Martin has helped me a lot and now I know more about math in English because of what he has taught me.
In August, when my school year started, math was the worst class ever, because I couldn’t understand anything. My grades were really bad. That is the point when Mr. Martin came into my life. After that point, I started to go to his class before school at 7:00 am—or I would see him during my study halls to ask for help. Martin was always there with a good face to answer me, either even if it was during his free time.
Today, I love math at Arrowhead. And I don’t care if it is hard because if I have any questions I have someone to help me, answer my questions, and understand me. That person the best teacher ever: Mr. Martin.

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