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February 22, 2011
By ErikJohnson BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
ErikJohnson BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The first day I met Mr. Budzien I was afraid for my life. I walked into the library on freshman orientation day and saw this crazy man, throwing his hands in the air and using his body to energize us. He was speaking to my class about nutrition and how a diet rich in fiber can help us succeed in the classroom. This was my first experience with Mr. Bud, as everyone called him.

I didn’t have Mr. Bud as my teacher until my junior year which was an English class I will never forget. English was never my favorite subject, but I still did well in it. It was first semester of junior year in my English 11 class. After the bell rang, Mr. Bud runs in the room and he yells, “What’s up, dudes?” Not expecting anything like this to come from an older man, I kind of smiled and immediately I knew it would be the best semester of English ever.

Every day in English, I would leave with my stomach hurting because of how much I would laugh. Mr. Budzien wasn’t only one of the funniest teachers ever, but he was also one of the best.
In the past, I usually got a B in English due to lack of interest. However every day in Bud’s class was nothing less than interesting. Every concept we had, he would make funny. This helped me remember almost everything because I could tie it back to how he made it funny.
The energetic attitude Bud showed made me want to strive for excellence. He is one of those teachers who can tell if you are totally lost or if you know what you’re doing. This helped a lot because if someone was confused, he could easily explain the concepts in another way, to help the student better understand.

Mr. Bud was my favorite teacher. In his English 11 class, I received my first A in English. He showed me the funny side of English and how to learn in a different way. And today, as a high school senior, I still laugh at the speech he gave freshman year; and, I continue to make sure my diet is rich in fiber. As Mr. Bud said, “Make your education float higher. Get a diet rich in fiber.”

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