A Teacher, a Friend, My Hero

February 18, 2011
By Allison Pichler BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Allison Pichler BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Why go to a place where I am forced to learn but cannot focus? Why go to school when my heart is torn and my emotions are scattered? Why is life cruel and unfair? This was my attitude the day I entered my fourth grade class. It was also the day after my mother had passed away.

I had resentment towards everyone and everything. I was a hopeless wreck who could not fully engage in any of my classes, participate in any social activities, or hold back my emotions because they were so tightly built up inside of me. Nobody could say or do anything to help me feel better, until I was approached by my teacher, Mrs. Weiberg.

We discussed briefly my family life and a few other topics. Even though it was a short conversation, I felt comfortable talking to her.The simplicity of her words and gentle voice were of no comparison to any teacher I had previously experienced. She had a welcoming personality and seemed truly concerned about my interests, feelings, and personal life. In the midst of everything I had gone through, the last thing I wanted to do was share my feelings with someone. However, I was captivated by her willingness to help me.

Every day when the school bell rang for recess, children stampeded towards the recess doors and made their way outside to the playground. I was not one of those kids. Instead, I frequently stayed back to talk to Mrs. Weiberg. We conversed about my family and how we were getting through our loss.

Over time, I became more willing to open up and express my feelings to her. Her willingness to help me was sincere and greatly appreciated. She taught me that everything bad that happens in life only makes you a stronger person. It took me a while to realize that, but looking back, I can honestly say I agree with her.
Many people believe everything happens for a reason. If this is true, then Mrs. Weiberg was meant to be in my life and guide me in the right direction to help me recover from the traumatic loss of my mother. Not only was Mrs.Weiberg a great listener, influential, kind, and generous, but she was also my hero.

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