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February 18, 2011
By Rachel Martell BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
Rachel Martell BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I walked into third hour math during the beginning of my junior year; I saw a younger teacher with a fresh smile on her face. I was thrilled. Teachers are sometimes cranky and sick of their job; but, Ms. Brinkman is the exact opposite. Never thinking an “A” would appear on my report card under the subject math, I went in with nothing but a negative attitude.

This subject has not been an area of interest for me until this year when my teacher put it into a whole new perspective. In my eyes math used to be lame. I’d always ask, “Why are we doing this? When will we ever use this?” But now I am excited for her class every single day…I never thought I would actually want to learn.
She is a young teacher that has enthusiasm like a little kid. Her love for the subject makes all the students intrigued as well! She will do what it takes to get all students participating. She teaches students using all aspects of learning—using visual examples, lectures, and hands on activities. She uses many different teaching styles to keep every student involved and interested. She went back to kindergarten basics and used finger-painting for a visual! This helped us all understand the focus in diverse ways.

That fresh smiling Ms. Brinkman has not changed since the first day. Her enthusiasm has not once been altered…if anything, it has been added. My opinion of her just gets enhanced every day and I am hoping to continue to have Ms. Brinkman as an educator next year.

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