Darcie Fellmeth

February 18, 2011
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When I walked into school the first day of my junior year, I retrieved my schedule. I was scanning the room numbers before first hour started just so I knew where I was going. But there was one room and one teacher I was concerned about: Room 200 with Mrs. Fellmeth. I had never heard of the teacher, and I had no idea where the room was. I rushed to get there on time, but because of my lack of directional skills, I got lost. When I finally found the room, I walked in and was lectured about getting to class in a timely fashion by Mrs. Fellmeth. I’m not someone that gets in trouble in school, so this was a first for me. She embarrassed me on the first day! Boy, did I hate this teacher.

As the semester went by, the class really got close. It was an 80-minute class that met every day. Mrs. Fellmeth let us into her life. She told us stories about her crazy family, and how her husband is in the military. As I learned more about Mrs. Fellmeth, I became more and more comfortable in the class; By the second day, I always looked forward to going to that class.
Mrs. Fellmeth was a drill sergeant with an amazing sense of humor. She was a tough grader, and always made sure that the same mistakes weren’t made over and over. She was very helpful when it came to projects and papers. I didn’t understand how to do a final project completely, and I didn’t have it done on time. At first, when I confronted her, I was a little scared about what she would say. Fortunately for me, she gave me an extension and explained how to do the project correctly.
I can’t remember a teacher that didn’t hate me for my views on the books we read in class, but Mrs. Fellmeth loved that I actually had an opinion. She didn’t ridicule me for not liking something she loved. This made me love her as a teacher even more.
Having Mrs. Fellmeth as a teacher has taught me you can’t judge a book by its cover. If I had gone through the whole semester acting like I hated her, like I had that first day, I never would have had the amazing experience I did.
Many teachers are funny, crazy, and nice, but many teachers lack being educational or entertaining. Mrs. Fellmeth has all of those characteristics. She is a tea-loving, yoga-obsessed, crazy, and just plain amazing teacher. That is why I’m nominating Mrs. Darcie Fellmeth for educator of the year.

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