Gregory Budzien

February 17, 2011
It’s dark in this room. A warm breeze slowly takes me away as the heater kicks in. I glance lazily up at the billboard staring back at me: the eyes of God. I gradually let my mind take me away…BOOM! A thunderous crash jolts me awake, as the whole world suddenly flashes back into existence.
The lights are on now, and the eyes staring back at me are not the eyes of God, they are the beady, spectacled eyes of Gregory Budzien. I sit in horror as images of “The Great Gatsby” flash by on the screen behind him. Not knowing what could possibly come next, I simply sit, paralyzed with fear.
Laughter. He is laughing at me! “Oh boy, AJ, you should ‘a seen the look on your face!” he chuckled. After seeing a–fairly accurate–reenactment of my dazed look, the lights flicker off, and class resumes.
That was the kind of energy I came to expect from Mr. Budzien. I came to share his energy over the coming months. Mr. “Bud” is a mythical beast forcibly inserted into the body of a pipsqueak. It never ceases to amaze me how such a whale of a personality can fit into such a small package.
Coaching golf, teaching AP English, and making fun of his students are just a few of his dangerously entertaining hobbies. He is a teacher who finds a way to relate to each of his students, always making it a priority to know everyone’s name. He’ll pass you in the hallway exclaiming, “AJ! My main man, what’s up buddy?” He’s not just a teacher, but he’s also a good friend.
Mr. Bud made me the successful student I am today. He gives everyone the courage to be themselves, no matter how insane they are. Even on a terrible day, Mr. Bud can always get a smile out of me. He knows how teens live, and he is never afraid to talk about the sensitive topics. He is inspiring. He is crazy. And he is the most memorable teacher I’ll ever have. Mr. Bud is that special whirlwind of good advice, valuable life lessons, and plain old fun that makes an excellent teacher.

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