The Teacher who Changed my Future

February 17, 2011
By Redwings BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
Redwings BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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It was the middle of junior year, which meant exams just ended. A new semester was beginning, and also it was time to pick your classes for next year. I picked the classes I needed to take to finish off the credits I needed. Then, I asked my sister what other classes I should take. One class she told me to take was creative writing. She suggested this class because during my sophomore year Mrs. Hunter told me I was a great writer. I decided to take creative writing as an elective, but I still was a little hesitant about it.

It was the first day of creative writing and I was worried about the class. I thought to myself many times about how I don’t like to write that much (unless I really like the topic of the paper). When I got to the class my whole perspective changed. My teacher, Ms. Jorgensen, is someone I knew I would like. She has a lot of energy in her and energy always makes the class more fun. Ms. Jorgensen is like a little kid on a sugar rush. She is all about having fun and enjoying the class, while getting the work done.

Having Ms. Jorgensen as a teacher made me realize sometimes it’s not always the class you don’t like—but that sometimes it’s the teacher. Along with teaching me that, she also taught me how to become a good writer. She helps me with my mistakes and she doesn’t get mad if people make repetitive mistakes. She just helps them clear it up and move on. Having her as a teacher made me realize I actually do like to write and it is something I can see myself doing.

Just from being in the class for a month or so—and having Ms. Jorgensen—made me realize that I enjoy writing. I have decided to minor in journalism for college. I would have never thought I would be doing anything in writing and this is something that could change my whole life.

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