Educator of the Year

February 17, 2011
Over the past three years of high school, I have been touched by many teachers and built many great relationships, but one bond outdoes the rest.

I nominate Trina Ms. Bower because, not only has she been a mentor academically, but she has been one athletically as well. As my Advanced Algebra teacher and past soccer and basketball coach, I have seen every side of Ms. Bower, and she is a great person all around. She has pushed me to levels I didn’t know possible—both in and outside the classroom. And although she may be tough at times, it only makes me excel to be the best I can be.

“It’s a sprint!” This exciting chant could be heard from Coach Bower across multiple soccer fields, as our freshman soccer team ran more than the JV and Varsity teams combined. But I guess that’s what you get when your coach is a marathon addict. Looking back now, as much as we hated running at the time, it made us the team we later became. Although the running was difficult, we got though it because we knew the conditioning was helping us win games. We ended the season with only one loss and a tournament championship.

Our team knew every day of practice would be more challenging than the last. Ms. Bower expected each member of our team to give it her all in order to succeed. That’s the thing about Bower: there is always room for improvement. But Ms. Bower also always rewards good, hard work with positive public recognition. Even though she may seem like a strict, intimidating coach, she was always a funny, goofy, entertaining friend—when the time was right.
I remember getting onto the bus after we won the tournament championship. Everyone was exhausted, sweaty, and starving. On the bus, dozens of homemade turkey subs, chips, and cookies awaited us. As we began devouring our meals, we glanced over at Ms. Bower, who begrudgingly opened her sub. We had completely forgotten she was a vegetarian and ordered her a turkey one. But she was so hungry that, after much coaxing and chanting, we got her to dig into her sandwich. We screamed and cheered with excitement, as Ms. Bower, being the good sport she is, swallowed bite by bite, laughing the whole time. This was the first time we saw that although she was a tough coach, she also had a fun, light-hearted side.
Inside the classroom, she still demonstrates the same teaching methods as on the field or court, but in a fun way the reaches to all students learning abilities and techniques. If a problem is misunderstood, she will help the student work through it, not only until it is finished, but until that student can truly understand and complete it on his or her own.
Ms. Bower never makes a student feel inferior for not understanding a problem, and she always makes herself available for extra help. Her determination, drive, and devotion encourages students to complete assignments to the best of their ability. And just seeing her smiling face and making conversation will brighten anyone’s day.
Ms. Bower deserves this award because she is a great educator, teacher and coach who deserves recognition for all her hard work and achievement. I will always be able to go to her for help, with anything, and am thankful I have such a good teacher, coach, and friend.

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