Educator of the Year

February 17, 2011
My junior year I was signed up to take U.S. History. I didn’t know what to expect, other than learning about our country’s past. Little did I know, I was going to have a blast in that class. And, that having him as a teacher would make me want to become a U.S. History teacher too.
What made it fun was my teacher, Mr.Haase. He has a good sense of humor. He knows what techniques to use to teach the students so the students will pay attention and have fun at the same time. Mr. Haase is the Einstein of U.S. History.

While learning, Mr. Haase showed clips from a movie that related to what we were learning. It gave me a visual of what happened in our past. It gave me a better understanding because I was able to see what people went through, and what makes the United States an amazing country.
When I was not learning in class, I could be learning outside of the classroom by doing extra credit. Mr. Haase has this system for extra credit. He has a list with the units we are learning. Under the units, he has a list of movies or textbook questions you can do. If you choose to do the textbook questions, you write out the answers and hand them in for seven extra credit points. If you watch a movie, you have to go in and tell him what the movie was about and you can receive seven extra credit points.
Doing the extra credit helps enhance the students’ knowledge on what they are learning. The extra credit Mr. Haase offers has taught me that I can learn in many different ways, other than taking notes and listening to lectures in class.
Mr. Haase cares how well we do in his class. If a student is struggling to understand what is going on in class, he is there to help. Every class, I left learning something new. This is what makes a good teacher.
This past spring break, I was in Florida. My family and I went to see a lighthouse. While we were waiting for our tour, we were in the small museum. I was reading some information about the lighthouse and recognized a man we learned in class. His name was York. Another place I recognized from class was at the Green village Museum in Detroit, Michigan. They had one of the first “Ford Company” factory their and the fifteenth million model T car. I got really excited about these things because I had just learned them from class a few months ago. Mr. Haase excited me about seeing things outside of school that I learned about in his class.
Mr. Haase made me more interested in history—so interested, in fact that I’m now looking forward to becoming a US History teacher, just like him.

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