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February 17, 2011
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I’m in special education or”Special Ed” or, as they call it at my high school, the “CMC.” I used to cringe at the thought of this; from fourth grade to my sophomore year of high school, nothing embarrassed me more than having to need help with things most kids could do all by themselves. I was also in denial of the fact that I really did need the extra help.

So, like the stubborn person I am, I would often refuse to let anyone help me with school work and I often suffered the consequences. After I started failing a few subjects, I broke down and decided to accept the extra help. But I almost never had a good attitude about it. I was also kind of a troublemaker and often did things that weren’t school-appropriate.

I started my junior year with a new case manager, Mrs. Christiansen (Mrs. C) with the same negative attitude. But there was something I really liked about Mrs. C. She had this warm almost mother-like personality and, at the same time, she was like that friend I could just vent to.

Mrs. C and I would talk about our weekends, our families, and sometimes even discuss our petty “boy issues.” I felt like there was nothing I couldn’t talk to Mrs. C about. I was no longer embarrassed and I no longer felt stupid coming into the CMC; I actually kind of looked forward to it. There also was a tremendous positive change in my attitude. I was becoming more independent with my school work and actually doing well.

It is now my senior year and I started out with some pretty serious obstacles and issues to work through. Words can barley describe how thankful I am that Mrs. C was there to get me through it all. She was always there to listen to me, give me advice, and, she never let me fall behind. She often went out of her way to help me. I know if she wasn’t there, I could’ve gone down a pretty rough path.

Now, I’m doing better than ever. I have a job, good grades, and I am helping start a business in my school. I even have plans for my future. If there’s one person I could thank for my success, it would be Meri Christiansen. She is not only an excellent teacher and role model; she’s also that one person I know I can always go to. Thank you, Mrs. C.

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