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Off-The-Wall Economics

February 15, 2011
By alexcontest BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
alexcontest BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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“The Federal Reserve is like the guy who brings the Mountain Dew to the Party, if he doesn’t bring enough the party is dull… but if he brings too much, people start swinging off the chandeliers! So he tries to correct it by taking some away. Then the party crashes. But if he brings the Mountain Dew back, they all start swinging off the chandeliers again!” This is how my Economics teacher, Mr. Williamson, explained how the Federal Reserve uses Monetary Policy. His use of interesting stories to explain economics left a lasting effect, as I can still remember them now.

Mr. Williamson’s use of interesting and funny stories was one of the things that set him apart from other teachers. Even though I had his class early in the morning, it managed to wake me up through laughter.
He has, without a doubt, been the funniest teacher I have ever had. His teaching style, although unconventional, is very memorable. And being able to remember the lessons that are taught is one of the purposes of teaching. If a teacher teaches but the students don’t remember what was taught, were they even taught anything in the first place? No! But Mr. Williamson had interesting stories and humor on his side.

Even the most obscure of things could be tied to economics by Mr. Williamson. We watched “A Bug’s Life” and through Mr. Williamson’s explanations I could see how the movie related to a command economy. His style is unconventional but very effective.

Mr. Williamson also shows much more energy than your typical teacher. I even remember him kicking a map off a wall just for fun. He seems almost childish at times, which allows kids to be able to relate to him better.
One time while we were taking a quiz, he spent the whole time tossing markers across the room to try to get them to land on the marker tray on the whiteboard. You may think that would be distracting, but in actuality, it was not. It made me laugh a bit which kept me in a good mood during the quiz and as a result, I got 100%.

Mr. Williamson was, without a doubt, one of the most unusual teachers I have ever had, but that is exactly what made him one of the best.

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