Mr. Guse, My Hero

February 14, 2011
U.S History just sucks. Why should I take it? What type of impact could it possibly have on MY life? Those were my thoughts going through my head while taking U.S history for my third year straight after failing every other year. I couldn’t help it, the class always put me right to sleep and honestly, I couldn’t care less about past wars and presidents. This was my attitude walking in to Mr. Guse’s U.S history class for the first time that year. By the end of the first week, I couldn’t help but look forward to going to U.S History class.

There was always some sort of in depth game that he created or great movies playing. He was an upbeat person and sweet as pie. He even made the notes interesting by putting his own insight on everything and being so passionate about the subject. He connected the past with the future, which had made the class so much more interesting because I love learning about things that personally benefit me. Those types of things those types of teachers are hard to find in school.

I was never the type of person to be able to open up to someone, especially a teacher because I have pretty heavy trust issues. But I noticed how much Mr. Guse cared about me and wanted to just sit down and talk. And he wanted to talk not about school, but about life. He now knows more about me than some of my closest friends and family. I have never been able to trust anybody like that because nobody has ever been that interested in what I had to say. He didn’t listen for gossip; he listened because he cared.

He helped me grow up as a person, he helped me become an individual, and he saved me from taking another year of U.S history. Now, I am planning on taking an A.P course in U.S history. Thank you, Mr. Guse.

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