Ms. Leftwich

January 19, 2011
Every student in a class doesn’t learn the same . So it would make sense that every teacher doesn’t teach the same, whether they follow the curriculum or not. I know of some teachers who don’t even teach, but just hand you the work. They don’t even explain the lesson. I think a teacher is a dedicated person, who strives to help children by expanding their knowledge. A good teacher teaches the students and makes sure that everyone of them understands the lesson. But the I think the teacher should teach in a way where the students stay interested and are involved in the learning process.

Ms. Shawnta Leftwich is a teacher, that in my opinion does all that and more. I had Ms. Leftwich as my social studies teacher in the sixth grade. I am now in the eighth grade, and Ms. Leftwich is still my favorite teacher in the school building. Several other teachers prove to be my favorites too, but Ms. Leftwich will always be my number one. She made class fun. And she really connected with us, as a class. I always looked forward to the hour and a half period that I would be in her class everyday.

Each class, we would learn something new, or continue the lesson from the day before. Ms. Leftwich stuck to the curriculum in a matter so that we wouldn’t have to be still doing work at the last days of the school year. But she also made sure to answer our questions, and help us solve them. Ms. Leftwich also gave through study guides before each test, so that we knew what was exactly on the test, and what page to find it in our textbook. In our classroom, we were also given the free will to sit wherever we wanted. Whether it was on the floor or sitting next to our best friends, Ms. Leftwich didn’t mind as long as we weren’t being disruptive. Some days, we would walk into the classroom and the desks would be arranged in a huge circle. Ms. Leftwich said she like the circle, because then she could sit in one of the desks and be able to see everyone in the class.

I think because Ms. Leftwich is a young teacher, she can connect well with her students. Ms. Leftwich isn’t only a good teacher, she is a good person, too. She is very understanding, and serves as a person to talk to if you need to talk. Ms. Leftwich deserves to be Educator of the Year. Not just because she’s my favorite teacher, but because she really is the best at doing her job. She also makes learning a fun experience.

Not everybody learns the same, but Ms. Leftwich teaches in a way that benefits her students learning styles. She is a very admirable person and if I choose to pursue a career in education in the future, I hope to have a passion and love for teaching like Ms. Leftwich does.

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