Math Tutoring Party

January 13, 2011
By car90 BRONZE, Kaysville, Utah
car90 BRONZE, Kaysville, Utah
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I think that I might be crazy. Although our school doesn’t start until 8 am I am there every morning at exactly 7:15. Every morning Mrs. Corry, a math teacher, comes to the school and does tutoring.

I did not think that this year of math would be such a struggle. I had taken the basic algebra class twice and did fine. Then I started Algebra 2 Honors. Very quickly my 4.0 went down the drain. On every quiz and assignment I made little mistakes that dropped my grades. For the first time I got an F on a quiz. It was then that I started to go to math tutoring every morning in Mrs. Corry’s classroom. Every morning she would answer and help me figure out all of my endless questions. She was so kind and patient. She didn’t just help me in math. She is so fun to talk to. She would talk and laugh. The few other kids started to call it the math party. She also knew what else was going on in the school. She would ask me how yearbook was going and other things in school.

After a full semester of going to math tutoring faithfully and working very hard my grade started to come. Then, it happened, I got 100% on a test. Then I got an A in the class for the term. I didn’t think that it could ever happen.

Mrs. Corry helped me so much. Every single day she would help me no matter what. I really appreciate all the time she spent to help me and how kind she was.

The author's comments:
I just love Mrs. Corry. She is so kind and fun. I so appreciate everything she does.

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