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January 6, 2011
By AyannaJackson BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
AyannaJackson BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
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What is the definition of a good teacher who works with his/her students and leaves them striving for success? Ms. Riley is the perfect definition of this. She is our AVID teacher at our school, Benjamin Tasker Middle School. She tried her hardest to get community service hours for her classes, if not for the whole school.
She teaches with a firm hand, but is nice. She grades fairly when she collects our work, and we have the most respect for her. I am on my best behavior when we go on field trips because I do not want to get kicked off and because I do not want to embarrass her. Her class is the one I look forward to each B-day at school. I am diligent and hardworking in her class. Her work ethics are good, also. She comes in even if she is not supposed to be.
For those who are willing to listen, she teaches things that will stay with us when we get older and that we will most likely use more than once. She tells us when we are doing wrong if we are doing anything wrong, and we will at least try to fix it. In my opinion, she is one of the most respected teachers in the school, and I admire her. She is dedicated to helping us succeed, graduate, and go to college.
She also helps us decide what college we want to go to, and why. Not because it’s far away from home, but because it has the academics that we want to major/succeed in. she pushes us to do our best and on most occasions, we do. In conclusion, although all my other teachers are really good teachers, Ms. Riley Is the best one of all in my opinion.

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