Mr. Abraham

December 8, 2010
By brokenheartpoetry16 GOLD, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
brokenheartpoetry16 GOLD, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
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Mr. Abraham, U.S. History Teacher. So funny. He loves to get all his students involved. He makes learning fun. For example, since we are in high school. He relates everything we learn about to us and school. When we were learning about the compromise. He related it to a "Teenage Love Triangle". He loves to mess around. Whenever we do a new chapter in class he takes at least one person from that section and starts to call himself the nickname that that person has. For example, Huey Long, he calls himself "The King Fish". WW2 general killed by Adolf Hitler, "The Desert Fox". Along with "The Butcher" and "Stonewall" which came from 'Stonewall' Jackson. That is the best thing about the way he teaches. He makes it fun for us. With all the chapters we play Jeopardy. THere will be 5 catergories and one of them in Potpurri. Example, the first Jeopardy, he catergories were I, Love, US, History, and Potpurri. It is funny because the Potpurri is completely oblivious to what we are actually learning about. He is on of the best teachers at my school in my opinion because he is fun to be in class with. He is fun to be around. He makes learning fun. He always helps any student in need of help.

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