Mrs. Rutkowski

October 20, 2010
Whenever I think of my favorite teacher, Mrs. Rutkowski always comes to mind. If I ever needed someone to talk to, I could come to her after class, or just whenever. She really understood me, and got along well with all of the other students, even the ones that she didn’t really like. Mrs. Rutkowski can be constantly seen singing in her church choir on Sundays, and willingly giving up her lunch time to help students that were struggling. I believe that Mrs. Rutkowski deserves the Educator of the Year award because of her willingness to help anyone that asked. She gave up her prep time on several occasions to help out another teacher that had to leave the school early for some reason. She has helped me out when I needed it, and offered extra credit to the entire class. I hope that when I become a teacher, I will be as amazing as Mrs. Rutkowski. I have had many amazing teachers in my nine years of school, but none can measure up to Mrs. Rutkowski’s tenacity for keeping her students on track to succeed. I’d love to thank Mrs. Rutkowski with a big hug and a bouquet of flowers. If Mrs. Rutkowski were to win the Educator of the Year award, it would make her very happy. She has always been there to look out for me and my class mates, and she makes one of my least favorite subjects, social studies, fun. I think that if anyone deserves this award, she does.

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