educatoer of the year

April 26, 2010
“ Educator Of The Year”
I never really use to care that much about school, my life as a high school student was going down hill but it all changed thanks to one special teacher. Carol Rivera, was that one inspiring person that made me think twice and tell myself to not quit and make some thing of my life. My sophomore year in a two hour class of English essentials was the transformation of every move I made. If I could crown the, “Educator Of The Year” it would be Ms. Rivera, why you ask let me tell you. Ms. Rivera is not just an English teacher, she is also a great friend, I believe that to be a great teacher, teachers have to communicate with their students, and Ms. Rivera has that quality. Having communication with students is a hard task to accomplish, especially with teenagers once ms. Rivera says one word she has our attention just like a kid wanting ice-cream but first he has to do his homework. I once use to be a very shy and quite person after I entered ms. Rivera’s class I couldn’t believe that I was joining clubs and sports. Ms. Rivera is an outstanding teacher because she more involved with her class than most teachers I have had in the past. She makes sure that every one of her students is making progress so they can pass the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL). Every year I took the WASL, I ended up failing which only gave any hopes that I would never pass it. that’s why I was chosen to attend English Essentials with Ms. Rivera. This class changed my life because for once I passed the WASL and I felt great knowing that for once I passed the hardest teat of the year. I give all thanks to Ms. Rivera for pushing me and teaching me her techniques. In addition, Ms. Rivera was not only worried about her students passing the WASL she also wanted to make us better writes that she knew we were. Ms. Rivera was also involved with students outside of school. Ms. Rivera encouraged me to become, and I quote, “a blooming butterfly” as well she helped me become more confident with myself. She inspired me when she said these words to me, “ I want you to try new things…when you leave high school I want you to leave knowing that you accomplished more then you thought you could…”with this quote I was able to get out of my shell and accomplished more then I ever actually thought I could. Ms. Rivera inspired me to make more of wants in front me and I know that she will inspire more of her students that is why Ms. Rivera should be chosen as, “Educator Of The Year”.

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