Ms.Lappin (English Teacher)

April 24, 2010
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In the year of 2009 i entered the world of seventh grade. I was nervous like any other seventh grader.I wondered how my year would be. Hopefully better then sixth grade year. I entered a English room where you could feel the nervousness and the excitement floating around the room. A women stood in the middle of the room. She had blond curly hair, she had a skirt on and a jacket i believe. She had the biggest smile on her face and introduced herself as Ms.Lappin. You could see she was excited and how much she wanted to get to know all of us. She explained to us she is the teacher to go to when we need advice or if someone is chasing us down the hall to go her room and she'll be there for us. She asked us all of our names and when she finally remembered our names or at least tried to remember she started teaching us. That day was the beginning of the kids and Ms.Lappin relationships. A few kids didn't like Ms.Lappin because she would sometimes make us do open responses or because when someone pissed her off she would yell or so on. I liked Ms.Lappin because she was real and true. I never met a teacher like Ms.Lappin who is dedicated to her work and is passionate. At time you could tell she wished she could stay home but i don't think Ms.Lappin hates her job. She loves her job and her students and most of all we love her. Ms.Lappin has been there for me. When i gave up on my work she would tell me to keep going. When we went into eighth grade she was moved up with us. I lost my confidence in my writing and i gave up on writing open responses she would come up to my desk and tell me "Natalie, you can do it. Don't give up."When i was going through a tough period she didn't need me to tell her why i gave up on everything she just knew. I stayed after one day and we talked for a while and i think it's because of her i started writing again. She is the best teacher i think i ever met. She is dedicated and she loves her job. I tell her we students don't deserve her and she laughs it off and tells me she loves her job and her students. There isn't many words that i can say for Ms.Lappin. I admire her for her work and dedication. She went through so much and she still comes to school with her head up and always having a smile on her face. Ms.Lappin will always be my favorite teacher. She doesn't judge anyone from where they are or what they look like she judges them from their soul. She encourages her students to go after their dreams and never let anyone tell us we can't do anything because we can do anything if we set our minds to it. It's because of her i started writing again and i hope one day she will inspire someone like she did. Ms.Lappin currently works at Chesnut Middle School as a eighth grade english teacher and i hope she gets this award. I believe Ms.Lappin can change the world with her attitude towards life. She is and always will be my favorite teacher. Ms.Lappin has changed my life and i hope many kids will feel the same once they have her.

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