Don't Be Late to Mr. D.'s!

April 22, 2010
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Don’t Be Late to Mr. D.’s!

Whether it be your kindergarten teacher or your junior year conditioning instructor, every educator has an important role in a students education. Of course each one leaves a different mark depending on many things such as personality, teaching methods and even the subject they taught. To most students the teachers who were the nicest are usually the ones who they claim to be the most memorable or influential, while others students actually think that the strictness and tough personality of a teacher are the characteristics that make a successful individual. As for me, the educator I believe has had the most impact on me and my education has a little of both worlds in his personality, the friendliness and toughness (when needed). My senior year history teacher, Mr. Dillahunt is a fascinating speaker, teacher and over all a great person who has opened me not only to a new method of learning but also to the way I live my life and the decisions I make.

History has not always been my favorite subject because of the fact that I found it difficult to sit in class and pay attention for forty-five straight minutes of lecturing. Yet, after the first week of school in Mr. Dillahunt’s fourth period I knew that he was nothing like my previous history teachers and that it would be extremely easy for me to keep up and pay attention through out my senior year. Gladly, I was correct. I am now six weeks from graduating Prosser High School and have realized that no other teacher has had as much influence on me other than my Ethnic Studies and American Government teacher, Mr. D. The teacher who we all only saw angry at tardy students, the teacher who everybody knew as funny and “the one who can keep my attention all period long.” As well as the one who had a good relationship with not only one or a few of his students but all of them. He is the type of teacher that you are not afraid of to ask questions, rather want to ask questions to. Mr. Dillahunt likes to keep his students involved during class and lectures and that is what makes his class so intriguing. Yet the best part of this teaching is knowing that he loves his job, loves what he does and you are able to see it, capturing the attention of not only me but the majority of his students.

Each student will graduate having their favorite teacher, the one they will always remember and for me that memorable educator will be my senior year history teacher Mr. Dillahunt (the only class I was truly scared to be tardy to.) Because of his friendly personality intriguing teaching methods and dedication to his job, its hard not to. Once you have a teacher like Mr. D. who shows his obvious interest of different culture, travel and history, its difficult to name another teacher as the most memorable or influential. Although all of my teachers have been great and I am thankful for all they have shared and taught me, I have much appreciation for Mr. Dillahunt. Not only am I thankful that he reminded me how much fun and interesting history can be but also for opening my eyes to new cultures, travel, my country and the decisions I make with each of these, ultimately affecting my life.

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