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April 8, 2010
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If I learned anything these three years in creative writing talent at Mark Twain, it's to always be passionate about your writing. A writer shouldn't write just to get attention and readers; he/she should take pride in his/her creation – something I haven't been doing the two years prior to having Ms. Wallach. I used to rewrite what other authors have always written, bringing about nothing new and something just to lump with other cliched stories and never felt confident about what I penned. All this changed along with a new creative writing teacher, and Ms. Wallach has been nothing but inspiring.

Creative writing is the one class I never fail to look forwards to each day. I've been with the twenty-five other people in the talent for all three years, and we've all grown pretty fond of and familiar with each other. With this closeness, it's impossible to not feel at home when you're in room 237. The classroom is usually full of life despite what others may think. Ms. Wallach is pretty easygoing so we can all talk on a fairly casual friend-to-friend level. We have lots of fun joking around. Everyone loves to chip in, creating conversations and inside jokes to remember and laugh about later on.

There's no doubt that Ms. Wallach loves her job. She doesn't only teach us about writing but does freelancing herself in her spare time. She knows what she's talking about and never hesitates to push us along the right path. Ms. Wallach is always genuinely excited whenever we get published in magazines and win awards in contests we all participate in. Her unwavering support motivates us in doing our best to make her proud.

My laminated copy of the two-page Kids for Kids section in the Bay Currents newspaper serves as an everlasting reminder of what Ms. Wallach did for me and seven other Gold and Silver Key winners in the Scholastic Writing Award contest. I find myself skimming the three stories on page twelve every night before I sleep, knowing mine is among them. It never gets tiring, and the fuzzy, accomplished feeling always brings a small smile to my face. I owe my award and the ability to see my writing in print to Ms. Wallach, and there's no simpler way to show my gratitude than to say thank you.

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