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April 1, 2010
By packmatt SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
packmatt SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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It was a new semester and I was headed to English class…my least favorite class. I didn’t like learning about grammar or having to read a boring book outside of class. The worst part was doing pointless book reviews. But my new teacher, Ms. Johansen, was upbeat and she wanted us to have fun in her class. Ms. Johansen always greets me when I walk into class and when she sees me in a crowded hallway. She is willing to lend any student a hand and will make time for each student. She wants you to succeed in her class. She is willing to put in the extra hour if it is going to make her teach her class better.
She made projects fun by having us work in groups and present in front of the class. We would do everything from PowerPoint’s to having class debates.
Ms. Johansen is not just a teacher, but she is also there if I needed to talk about something. Even if I just wanted to share something that happened to me that day. She is always willing to listen and it seems like she can always relate to your story in some way. She tries to get us to relate to us. When I dislocated my knee cap this year she told me stories about herself and how she hated crutches. She wants us to understand what we are reading. But yet she still is prepared for every class. Ms. Johansen tries to get everyone involved by putting us into small groups to discuss or she goes around the room to ask everyone their own opinion on the topic.
Ms. Johansen is not just your average teacher; she is a friend, and somebody you can look up to. She makes English class fun for the whole class. She wants us to participate and understand what we are doing in class. She brings out the best in everyone.

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