Letter For a Teacher

March 29, 2010
By 0szinte SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
0szinte SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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There is Boyles’ Law, stochiometry, acids and bases, periodic tables…the list goes on and on. So as a junior, looking at the list of things to be learned in a mere one semester, my head started hurting and a growing hate for chemistry began growing. Yet after the thirty weeks of chemistry had ended, I walked out with a B+…even after exams! My new found love of the subject is all thanks to Mrs. Koch, a chemistry teacher who gives science a whole different look.

Stoichiometry is a hard concept to grasp for many, and unfortunately, I was one of them. The first time I went in for help, I was frustrated, not knowing what I was doing with so many numbers in such a small problem. But after thirty minutes of incredible patience from my teacher and her calming voice, I left relaxed and relieved that I finally understood all the mathematics.
I went to her class after school a couple of times a week for help, and not once did she turn me down. Yes, she had kids at home to take care of. Yes, she had a meeting to get to that started in a couple of minutes. Yes, the weekend had just begun. Yet, she always found a way to help me out, pushing her needs out of the way for mine. Once she even took five minutes out of her next class just to help me on homework!
About half a year ago, I also started applying for colleges and needed a letter of recommendation. I had asked her if she would be able to make one for me. She had a week to complete it. Without hesitation, she accepted and thoroughly wrote a letter that would make any person feel so good about themselves. Later, I found out she literally had ten other letters to produce for other students, but she found the time to create one for me in such a short amount of time with such thorough and positive writing.
So a good teacher needs to be the basics: nice, easy to work with, patient and good at explaining tough concepts. Mrs. Koch does all this and more, easily deserving teacher of the month.

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