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March 29, 2010
By Bergen Fossen BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Bergen Fossen BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Mr. Freeburg

He is a student favorite. He is disturbed. He is Mr. Freeburg. Once the bell makes its monotone outburst of sound, the teacher plays a few air guitar riffs and takes a count of all the hooded sweatshirts in the room, class starts.

To put it short, Mr. Freeburg would win the “Staff Clown” award, if there was one. Prancing about the room, making inhuman sounds, and telling outrageous stories of his past are some of the reasons students look dumbfounded at him… and laugh.

At the beginning of every semester, jobs would be assigned to students, everything from the Computer Networking Nerd to the Greeter. One of the more silly jobs would have been the Greeter, if played up correctly. An over-confident student would almost always be assigned this role, whereas when anyone not enrolled in the current class, like the vice-principal, school deputy or even a student runner, entered the classroom, the Greeter would pop up from their seat and acknowledge the foreign presence in whatever way they could think up. Greetings in different languages could be spoken, or various cultural greetings could be exchanged, such as bows, curtsies, or even (in extreme cases) the kissing of both cheeks, as observed in countries such as France.

Now, apart from how silly everything is, there are lessons that can be learned from Mr. Freeburg. The stories he tells almost always have a deeper meaning to them, like don’t stick your hands in dangerous places or don’t assume anything you have no proof of.

Basically, Mr. Freeburg was and still is the favorite teacher of countless students at Arrowhead High School. Even my family members have found his re-relayed stories entertaining. That’s impressive, seeing as I probably got a detail or two wrong.

However, to wrap it all up, I shall speak of his most spectacular and awe-inspiring quality. He is Scandinavian.

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