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March 24, 2010
By emyday BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
emyday BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Educator of the Year Contest

Kim Barkley-Drusedum is one of my biggest role models. She teaches choir at my school Green Valley High School. She once said something to me; she said if you want something to happen you will make it happen. That saying has gotten me through life in so many ways. She is also an excellent example of this. She teaches Madrigals, Musical Theater, Bella Voce, Concert choir, and Women’s Choir. At lunch she teaches a vocal Acapellla Group as well as a men’s choir. Green Valley High School choirs are known for their excellent because of Ms. Drusedum, she is the heart and soul of our choirs. She has a passion for what she does and it comes out vibrantly on occasion. For instance when she is teaching right before our festival, she breaks out into a sweat trying to get every little ounce of magic out of us. But other times she is more subtle in her passion. For instance if you ever see her in her office she is always working on something for the choirs, whether it be finding new ways to explain what she is trying to teach, or practicing her conducting. No matter what, she is always doing something for the choir. Her teaching style is to love the students, but not be afraid to be the bad guy. If you ever need to talk about something, she is always there to help you that are what makes her so great she is approachable, even if she comes off a little crazy at first. She also gives many chances to many students, many times, each time I see her do it there is a glimmer of home that that person with finally change for the better, that’s also one of the best things about her is how much she wants her students to succeed in life. On top of all she does for GVHS choirs, she also sings in many small choirs around the city, bringing music to the streets. This year she also ran the intermediate festival, after budget cuts took it out, giving all choirs the opportunity to compete in a festival. She didn’t need to take on a whole district festival, but it’s Mrs. D so she did.

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