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March 11, 2010
By alyde6 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
alyde6 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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As an over dramatic ref raises two fingers in the air Coach Mesenbrink leaves his feet for his patented fist pump and his gum is catapulted through the air “BOOOOOM BABY.” This familiar and well earned celebration was the result of Arrowhead’s Jake Sueflohn upsetting Oak Park’s Chris Dardanes, the third ranked wrestler in the nation. This match, along with many others this year, is a testimony to the Arrowhead Wrestling mentality, and the vision of Head Coach John Mesenbrink.
Coach Mesenbrink is a true student of the sport of wrestling, a dedicated teacher, and loving father to three children with a fourth on the way. Balancing all three of these on a daily basis, he is left with little time for fun, and little time for himself. Coming to school during the early mourning hours so wrestlers can get in an extra workout to staying up late into night working on letters of recommendation, Coach Mesenbrink makes sacrifices most would not. By participating in morning runs, three hour practices, and wrestling, he pushes himself and sets an example for the team.
From sending a school record 10 wrestlers to state in 2008, to helping wrestlers cope with the deaths of two former wrestlers, to coaching Olympian Ben Askren in the World Team Trials, Coach Mesenbrink has had his share of ups and downs. “Battle Adversity” is a team motto, so much so that it is tattooed on the ribs of my brother, a former wrestler. Something all Arrowhead wrestlers have learned to do, something instilled in our heads from our first practice freshman year, and something that Coach Mesenbrink lives. His positive and optimistic outlook is truly contagious and makes him the most reliable person I know.
Throughout my four year career as a varsity wrestler, I have gained a respect and appreciation for Coach Mesenbrink unparalleled to any in my past. His commitment and dedication to his athletes, family and students sets him apart and I don’t know a more deserving person of this award.

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