Mrs. Holloway

March 11, 2010
By lindseyhucke GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
lindseyhucke GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Junior year, the English department gave us our course sheets for senior year. In order to write a top-notch college essay, I circled Advanced Composition, knowing a teacher could help me perfect it. Other than needing an English credit, I couldn’t think of another reason to take that class. I was unaware the teacher and the class would become my favorite.
Walking into the 149B classroom on the first B day of the year, I saw Mrs. Holloway was my teacher and knew she was crazy from the start. Grabbing a calculator and punching in some numbers to display the amount of pages she would have to read, I felt bad for her. But not that bad, because I knew she would improve my writing skills throughout the semester, and I was right.
Our name piece was assigned early on in the year as our first assignment. It was difficult to think of one story to sum up my name, but Mrs. Holloway inspired me with her bubbly personality to make it interesting. It’s easy to relate to her, since she is a comedian stuck in an English teacher’s body.
As the semester progressed, the papers piled up. I was getting impatient, since I just wanted to complete the college essay. Mrs. Holloway used organization to show off student’s papers in her colorful binder. Determined to be in there next year, I put forth effort in each assignment. She offered to correct papers as many times as needed to perfect it, so I used her help to my advantage.
After my college essay, I accomplished what I needed to. But the papers did not get easier. After almost having a whole semester with Mrs. Holloway, I wanted to impress her with my hard work. She inspired me to be the best student I could be.
My writing improved through each paper and I give most of the credit to Mrs. Holloway. Walking into 149B on the last day of the semester, I felt relieved to hear her say, “I’M SO HAPPY!” as her way of explaining dead words. She was still crazy. Mrs. Holloway wouldn’t be the energetic, optimistic teacher she is without this quality.
It was an honor to hear that she would be my teacher for another class. Being much like her, she is my idol.

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