Mr. Hessler

March 11, 2010
By Tom Parish BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Tom Parish BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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I met Mr. Hessler when I showed up to my first day of football practice going into my sophomore year. I was new to the school and felt overwhelmed by new faces in this new environment. Mr. Hessler introduced himself to me with a brief greeting and a firm handshake.
It didn’t take more than five minutes to be intrigued by the way he taught players the game of football. He was clear and concise. He made sure everybody understood assignments and exactly what to do. Not one player felt intimidated to ask questions. I knew after that first practice, I could look up to and learn a lot from this man.

A coach is considered a good coach if he can make most of the players understand their assignments, and if the players become better athletes because of it. Coach Hessler is a great coach because he had the patience to make sure all the players develop. He puts passion into the way he coaches. When I played for him I wanted to succeed for myself and for that man. He dedicates much of his time and effort into coaching us. And I see the fire and passion he has. He wants to win just as bad as I do.
He stressed the team needed to come together in order to be successful. My favorite quote of his was, “Leave your ego at the door.” In my mind, this was his way of telling the players if they devote themselves to succeeding as a team more than as individuals, football games will be won. Mr. Hessler is a well recognized math teacher at Arrowhead High School. I personally never had to opportunity to be taught by him. But many of the other players and students at Arrowhead boast that Mr. Hessler shows that same passion in the classroom. Just from playing football for him I can see that he is a great teacher and does anything to help others achieve success. Mr. Hessler is a well recognized math teacher at Arrowhead High School. I personally never had the opportunity to be taught math by him. But every student that had him says he teaches with the same passion I see in football. He is driven to help young people succeed, and does a real good job at that. Mr. Hessler deserves to be recognized for the great work he has done.

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