Chris Voss

March 11, 2010
By kurtis kujawski BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
kurtis kujawski BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Chris Voss

My guitar teacher of four years has inspired me to be my best. He helped me realize if I try enough at something, I will eventually succeed. “Practice makes perfect,” is what he always says to me. Not only has Chris Voss taught me how to excel in playing the guitar, but he has also taught me how to excel in life, as a person. . His teaching methods are as unique as his personality—a comedic born, Jack Black look alike.

Learning to play the guitar is extensive and requires time consumption and hard work, by both the teacher and the student. If the effort is not put in by both of these parties, then someone’s playing or knowledge of the guitar will always be at a sub par level. I have reached pass that sub par level because of productive teaching methods that inspired me to put in that extra oomph. Mr. Voss has ever installed in me the motivation needed for being the best I can be.

Chris Voss has relatively long, shaggy brown hair with a shaggy brown beard to match. If he didn’t wear a pair of intriguing cowboy boots to every lesson, it wouldn’t be Mr. Voss. Chris has got an inspirational life that he openly shares with me. The inspiration is based around all the work he puts into his music and job. Chris is working on his passion all hours of the week for the hope one day he will catch his break. Chris plays for six bands and his currently working on a solo album that is quite magnificent. The hard work Mr. Voss puts into his profession has a boomerang effect on his teaching quality. His income is not all that impressive, but that doesn’t affect the way he teaches. Money is not a matter for Mr. Voss. It is the music that matters. “It’s cool; just get it to me next week.” He always says to me in a relaxed, non worrying tone. That is what happens pretty much at the beginning of every month when I forget to bring in the monthly check.

Mr. Voss is one of the few people I know who’s so dedicated to what he does that he can inspire others to be the same way. My motivation has recently been shaped by the teachings of Chris Voss. I am ecstatic I found this man and have the privilege to be in his presence every week when I visit him for my weekly hour lesson.

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