Mrs. Passler

March 11, 2010
By Ryan Magdic GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
Ryan Magdic GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Mrs. Passler

Coming into junior year I thought my English class was going to be the same just like every other year. The thing is, I hate English class. I have never liked grammar and I can’t spell to save my life. This year was different; and Mrs. Passler was by far the best English teacher I’ve ever had. She had a unique teaching style that everyone loved.
She was different in that when the class did not like the way it was going or we were just bored, she would mix it up. Sometimes, if it was nice out, she would take us outside and have us write poems about what we were learning. It was a way to relieve the stress of school and still learn what we needed to. She was always understanding of how her students felt about learning. Mrs. Passler has a knack for connecting with students so she can better understand us.

Another way she taught was in the beginning of class she would give the class a couple different ways of how the class could be done that day. Some days the choices were to read alone, watch a clip from the movie (if the book had one), or write a something like a poem or a reflective writing about what we did last class. This was good in that it made us think about what we were learning in a different way. It helped me understand better what I was learing.
It was fun to be in her English 11 class. It was the last hour of the day and I thought I would hate it because it would never end fast enough for school to end. Instead, I was surprised when the bell rang, because time flew by.
She is a great teacher and she taught in such an uncommon style that it kept me focused everyday and I actually liked it. She taught me ways to read better and faster and comprehend what I was actually reading. I think more teachers should teach more like her.

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