Mr. Albers

March 11, 2010
By Eli Drljaca SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Eli Drljaca SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Eli Drljaca
Mr. Albers

Starting my senior year, I knew I wanted to take easy classes, and when I picked Mr. Alber’s environmental biology class, I thought it would be an easy, “blow-off” class I could just get an easy A in and not have to pay attention a lot. I didn’t know I was in store for something completely different. Starting off the first day, Mr. Albers was explosive! He was such a riot, and his jokes were just plain absurd.

Mr. Albers has such a laid-back personality. He makes the class go by so fast. He incorporates our curriculum so we can visualize it in our own minds. Instead of just talking, he makes diagrams on the board and draws out each situation.
He says the most hysterical things like “Take that, rack it!” after every time we are done with a sheet, and it makes the class laugh. Most teachers talk bland and don’t have people skills when it comes to talking to the kids. But Mr. Albers knows what it’s like to be a teenager sitting at school all day and he does a fantastic job at keeping everyone focused and on track.

Mr. Albers shares with the class stories that have happened in his life, but these stories aren’t pointless. Every time he shares a story he connects it with what we are learning in the class. Taking his class has made me more aware of our surrounding environment.

At the end of the first semester of the class I had the option to take it again, and not as a “blow-off” class, but as an actual class with a teacher who loves what he does.

The author's comments:
Mr. Ablers inspired me to write this because he such a great teacher and diserves this more than any one else.

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