Mike Gnewuch is the Man

March 11, 2010
By Jake Poehls BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Jake Poehls BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Time. Time is what makes a teacher great. They only have a few moments each day to “mold are young minds” and to get though to us. Time is the determining fact that makes each teacher unique and able to show us their abilities.
Let’s face it, we are only as good as our teachers. And the youth who had a chance to learn his ways are looking at a bright future. It’s the dedication he instills on his work and beliefs.
From special education, to the varsity stars, his cares for the youth no matter who they are. Not one story could describe this man. He’s like a library and everyday is a new book on the shelf. He’s beside every power lifting record, interception, and height cleared at Arrowhead. It’s not the pay why he stays; but, it’s to watch his kids reach their dreams and receive glory that is rarely achieved.
For him, time is the opportunity to teach and instill, to push and at time, rebel. He shows it’s not “right or wrong,” but it’s about your goal and following that path.

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