Mr. Budzien

March 11, 2010
By Kendall Saeed SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
Kendall Saeed SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
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I learned from the first step into room 149A, anything is possible. Mr. Budzien is more than a high school teacher. He is a mentor, a supporter, and a friend. Mr. Budzien, who is rightfully nicknamed Bud, may be a licensed English teacher, but with each lesson, English is only a faction of the knowledge students’ gain. He goes beyond the pages in books and teaches unforgettable life skills.
I have never looked around a classroom and saw students so engaged. While sitting in those dilapidated desks, a well-orchestrated show is unfolding. The kids in the desks have as much fun and interest as the kid behind the desk. Something about that joyous man is completely entertaining and intriguing.
He is not the conventional teacher with a PowerPoint and a laser. Instead, jumping on desks and sailing off of them is commonplace for Bud. I am unaware of the knowledge I gain in each class because it is fun to learn with Bud.
Bud is caring and generous inside and out of the classroom. He saw I was struggling after school because I had forgotten an ice scrapper for my car. At below freezing temperatures, Bud walked over and gave me a hand. To this day, I remain shocked by his unique courtesy.
Sadly, Bud is retiring this year. He deserves one last hoorah! Greg Budzien is the Teacher of the Year, or even, the teacher of a life-time. Nothing is better than each day and every moment in Mr. Budzien’s class. To the farewell fist-bump, I will remember each life lesson Greg Budzien executed with incredible passion, especially that anything is possible.

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