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March 11, 2010
By dllanas BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
dllanas BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I remember walking into my accounting class, first semester of my junior year and thinking to myself, great, what did I get to myself into, why would I sign up for such a class? Then in came Mr. Wood. He came bouncing in, with a big smile on his face saying, “Woohoo for accounting, this is my class, YOU guys are my class!” That’s when I thought, Hey, maybe this class won’t be so bad. I might actually have some fun.
I liked that every time I came into the room, he always had a huge smile on his face and would always be in a great mood, and ready to help if anyone had a question. “You’re the man!” he’d say every time I worked something out. With his help, I understood the material. He will always give students a second chance on something they didn’t do well on and he is always willing to help students work through it so next time they will understand it and will do better. He is always willing to take the time to stop and make sure students are ok and feel comfortable with everything they are working on.

I can remember multiple times going into the class with questions on what I was supposed to do or what we had learned about the previous day because at first not everything made sense to me. After a while, he was able to clearly explain everything to me and make it easier for me to enjoy my time in that class.
He always starts off the class openly discussing with us what’s going on in the world or what we’re doing and what’s going on around school. He made everyone feel welcome and able to always contribute something, no matter what it was. That’s a great thing that not many teachers do these days. Many just sit behind a podium and lecture about this and that, thinking students will understand it. But not Mr. Wood. He likes to get students into it the class, moving and having fun.

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