Mrs. Passler

March 11, 2010
By smiley123 BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
smiley123 BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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There is never a bad attitude in the room at the end of the day. And it’s because she always makes people laugh. Even when a topic seems boring or long, she makes it sound exciting and fun. Which in the end, makes it fun and exciting for real.

Mrs. Passler is the sweetest, most loving and caring teacher I have ever had! This is not a joke. Other teachers have been loving and caring, but not like Mrs. Passler. Every time I walk into the room, she is either laughing or smiling or doing something to make me smile. She wants everyone in her class to succeed and do their best. Always.

Her style of teaching is so different than any other teacher because she goes into every thing with a great attitude. Unlike other teachers, she doesn’t make a huge deal out of a small thing. For example, if her students were overwhelmed with what is going on in her class, she would be sad. She said so herself last week. I know she was telling the truth because of the expression on her face and the emotion in her voice.
We have an Ambition project and a research paper due around the same time. To keep us organized, Mrs. Passler gave all of us a March calendar with important due dates on it. She has talked about the Ambition project more than the research paper because she does not want us to feel stressed about the two projects.
No matter how far she has to go, she will do whatever she can to help her students succeed. If I ask a question about a project, or I need an example for a project, she has an answer. “There are no stupid questions” she always says . She will not ever blow her students off when they ask a question. If someone asks about what type of examples should be included in a paper, Mrs. Passler will give a few examples of what she wants to read.

I am so blessed and grateful to be able to have Mrs. Passler as a teacher. She has inspired and influenced me to have a complete and positive outlook on life. Even after I graduate Arrowhead High School, I will always remember her as the teacher who really cared and wanted her students to go far beyond any of her expectations.

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